I am a Montessori teacher and have been working in Nurseries all around the country for the last 10 years. I also trained at Leith's School of Food and Wine and I love cooking for my children and friends and combining these 2 loves seemed like a fab idea to me.

As I Montessori teacher I know how important it is for children to learn and explore in their own time and at their own free will. Maria Montessori said, "Free choice is one of the highest of all the mental processes" and "To assist a child we must provide him/her with an environment which will enable him/her to develop freely". This is what our aim is at The Wendy House, we believe every child should be able to choose the toys they wish to play with and do so in an environment which is safe, clean and friendly. 

As a mother I wanted somewhere to take my children where I knew they would enjoy the toys on offer and I could sit down and enjoy a nice drink, slice of cake or a bit of lunch.

When my daughter Florence was born my friends and I found it really hard to relax whilst out and trying to have a coffee and a catch up. 15 months later my son Theo arrived and hanging out in a coffee shop with nothing to entertain them had become impossible.  

Because of this The Wendy House was born, we are a well designed children's play space. Inside you will find a variety of well-made toys for the children, a wendy house (of course), a play kitchen, dressing up, books and much more. There is also a dedicated baby area where they are free to crawl around without being disturbed by the older children.

Come and have a look around and meet some other lovely Mums and Dads.

Look forward to seeing you all