Wendy Bear Building Event - 28th May 9.30am

Come along and choose a wendy bear to create. Each bear comes with stuffing, a birth certificate and a love heart. Prices start from £8 and includes entry and squash.

Nice Threads Childrens Boutique Pop Up Shop - 31st May 10-12pm

The Wendy House has kindly invited Nice Threads Children’s Boutique to host a Pop-Up Shop Friday 31st May 10am-12noon.

Nice Threads Children’s Boutique sell and buy previously worn children’s clothes 0-8years during home parties, events and Pop-Up Shops. If you are considering bringing clothes for evaluation (as in for Nice Threads Children’s Boutique to buy from you) please pre-register by commenting below. There will be a cap on the number of bags I am able to evaluate and in the sake of fairness, please limit this to one supermarket bag-for-life. Any questions, please ask!

Whilst I carry out the evaluation, browse the rails and enjoy the delights of The Wendy House.

Bookings for home parties are available and as the host, any clothes you wish to be evaluated will be first! Get in touch to find out more, or come and have a chat.

Fathers Day Photoshoot - 10th June 10-2pm

James will be in with us creating magical photos of your little ones just in time for Father’s Day. The photoshoot itself is completely free and photos start from £6 to buy and are printed out on the day ready to take away with you.

Beautifoil Creations - 1st July & 20th July 10-1pm

Naomi specialises in making ‘Shiny-Chic’ Real Foil keepsakes, to treasure those special moments for always!

At the Wendy House Pop Up there will be two beautiful ’Treasured for Always’ options for you to choose from :

1)Your child's artwork, treasured in the shiny real foil colour of your choice.
Your little one can draw a new picture on the day, or you can bring a favourite drawing that your little one has already created.

2)Little one’s Handprints/footprints.
Come and have fun making hand/footprints. I'll then take the prints/drawing away with me to treasure for you at my studio.

The original will also be returned to you untouched.

Your little artist will adore seeing their artwork shine!

I’m so happy to be offering a special 20% discount price on our special Treasured Prints at the Wendy house Pop Up!
A5 Print unframed: £9.80 (usually £12:25)
A4 Print unframed: £12.00 (usually £15.00)
(Frames will be available for purchase at an additional cost)

There are 6 different colours for you to choose from, take a look at my Facebook page to have a look at what colours are available: https://m.facebook.com/BeautifoilCreationsbyNaomi

School Meet Ups - September Starters

Over June, July & August we will be hosting school meet up's for over 20 schools in the surrounding area. Please find below a list of dates when your child's school will be meeting up in order for the children to become familiar with new friends (and of course you as well) in time for those first exciting days of 'Big School'.

Please spread the word around any groups you may be on, in relation to the school or with any friends you know are going to the same school, the more the merrier.

Alver Valley - 18th June, 18th July & 24th August 10-12pm

Haselworth - 18th June, 18th July, 24th August 12-2pm

Leeslands - 20th June, 27th July, 6th August 10-12pm

Castle Primary - 20th June, 27th July, 6th August 12-2pm

Lee on Solent - 22nd June, 2nd July, 1st August 10-12pm

Grange - 22nd June, 2nd July, 1st August 12-2pm

Red Barn - 17th July, 16th August 12-2 pm 22nd June (2-4pm)

Alverstoke Infants - 25th June, 25th July, 31st August 10-12pm

Uplands - 25th June, 25th July, 31st August 12-2pm

Gomer - 27th June, 3rd August, 13th August 10-12pm

Bedenham - 27th June, 3rd August, 13th August 12-2pm

Anne Dale - 29th June, 9th July, 8th August 10-12pm

Elson - 29th June, 8th August 12-2pm, 9th July (9.30am)

Wicor Primary - 17th July, 16th August 10-12pm, 29th June (2-4pm)

Holbrook - 3rd July, 23rd August 10-12pm 20th July (2-4pm)

St Mary’s - 3rd July, 2nd August 12-2pm 24th August (2-4pm)

Locks Heath - 4th July, 10th August, 20th August 10-12pm

Rowner - 4th July, 10th August, 20th August 12-2pm

Woodcot - 6th July, 16th July, 15th August 10-12pm

Newtown - 6th July, 16th July, 15th August 12-2pm

Northern Infants - 10th July, 9th August 10-12pm 27th July (2-4pm)

Redlands - 11th July, 17th August, 27th August 10-12pm

Ranvilles - 11th July, 17th August, 27th August 12-2pm

St Johns - 13th July, 23rd July, 22nd August 10-12pm

Crofton Hammond - 13th July, 23rd July, 22nd August 12-2pm

Harrison Primary - 24th July, 23rd August 12-2pm 13th July (2-4pm)

Brockhurst - 20th July, 30th July, 29th August 10-12pm

Peel Common - 20th July, 30th July, 29th August 12-2pm

Orchard Lea - 24th July, 2nd August 10-12pm 31st August (2-4pm)

Wallisdean Infants - 31st July, 30th August 10-12pm 10th August (2-4pm)

St Columba - 31st July, 30th August 12-2pm 17th August (2-4pm)

Longdown Mobile Farm - 7th August 10-1pm

Ian from Longdown Mobile Farm will be back with us for a morning of animals and more animals. He brings in a fab selection for the children to have a look at and they also get the chance to hold a chick as well. It really is a magical day out for the children.

Christmas Photoshoot - 1st & 2nd December 10-2